Our offer

What we do is the result of our Why and How we do it.

Our motivations (Why) and our approach (How) result in quality bespoke software solutions, great web and mobile solutions, human-centered UX/UI designs of our products and support of startups to bring their ideas and value propositions to the market.



Bespoke Software

For over two decades we have been developing custom software solutions for our Clients based on their specific needs and requirements, starting from analytical work in order to define business processes to software development, implementation and support.


Web and Mobile

Our broad experience in development of websites, portals and web applications comes from over 1000 projects successfully completed. We also design and develop native or hybrid apps for iOS and Android devices, that combine all modern trends and technologies with nice and user friendly graphical design.



We take a step by step approach in the UX and UI design. Creating wireframes, mockups and prototypes guarantee perfection of digital products and keep costs of development time and resources of coding at an appropriate level.


Startup Specials

We help startups to develop their digital solutions. We help them not only in software development domain but also in the lean process of creation of the value proposition, in testing their market hypotheses and making pivots for achieving better product-market fit.


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