Startup Specials

Knowledge of scientific research, combined with experience of development of software and digital solutions, supplemented with experience of teaching of entrepreneurship and creation of startups by the JMC founder, Dr Janusz Marszalec in the Warsaw University of Technology and his experience of mentoring startups, creates a unique possibities for very special kind of cooperation of JMC with new innovative and fast growth businesses.

Understanding the startup needs, the process of their creation, development, financing and growth help and support new innovative ventures in the following areas:

  • design and development of digital products solution,
  • development of business model based on digital products and solutions,
  • defining MVP, development of MVP and further product development,
  • cooperation in planning of the lean process of creation of the value proposition,
  • in testing their market hypotheses and making pivots for achieving better product-market fit.

Interest in creating startups is just beginning to develop in Poland and the potential for cooperation of JMC with startups is significant, with growing of startups' needs for digital solutions in the coming years.

Project examples

  • A marketplace for small companies in B2B and B2C model.
  • Educational platform for online education.
  • An intelligent system for optical quality control.

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