Web and Mobile

Internet presence is a key issue for companies today, to communicate with the market and customers and to run business successfully.

We are pleased to provide our clients with full support in the whole process of website development, from creation of the concept, user interaction design and user experience design, to the website production, launching it, and support in further development and modernization.

Our offer includes, in particular,

  • analysis of the company's strategy, including communication, marketing and sales, and determination of the needs for digital tools and their functionality,
  • global analysis of the websites of companies with a similar business profile to determine the best practices and functionality mix of the solution to be developed for our client,
  • creation of the website concept, its structure and information architecture,
  • user interaction design, user experience design (determination of functions to create positive user experience), and graphic user interface design,
  • development of the gamification strategy and concept of its implementation,
  • development of databases and back end software,
  • integration of the components, tests and launch of the website,
  • support and further development of the website, including modernization, adding new functionality, and other forms of support needed by the client.

We use our own content management system for website and portal development – Contentia CMS, successfully implemented in several hundreds of projects. The system uses the most advanced technology and incorporates the most modern features in website and portal design. With its modular design the CMS can be tailored exactly to the current needs of the project. CMS system may include, for example updating of a small portion of the site or allow the dynamic management of the entire contents of large information portals and updating its various parts several times a day. If necessary, in a case of the growing needs, the system can easily be expanded with additional modules and new features.

In a case of our client's need to use an open source CMS in the project we develope websites using best and most common CMS open source platforms.

We approach the creation of mobile applications in a similar way to web development. We design and develop native apps for Android and iOS, hybrid apps and web apps as responsive versions of website to work on any mobile device.

In the case of companies that are a part of multinational corporations, their websites are created according to strict corporate guidelines.


Examples of our web and mobile projects

You can learn about our web and mobile projects by visiting the Portfolio section.

Front-end technologies

We use the following front-end technologies: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Canvas, SVG, ThreeJS + WebGL, ReactJS

Back-end technologies

We use the following back-end technologies: MySQL, PHP, NodeJS, GruntJS, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Python + Django, Java

Mobile app technologies

We use the following technologies to develop mobile apps: Cordova, Objective C, Android, Ionic, React Native 



Based on our cooperation with JMC, we are pleased to confirm the professionalism, knowledge, creativity and commitment of the company and we recommend the company as a competent and reliable partner in the design and implementation of websites for corporations.
Justyna Dajer, Director of BNP Paribas Investment Funds

Recommendation to Wella Subsidiaries in Europe:
As an alternative, your country website will be built by the agency that our colleagues at Wella Poland have engaged with great success: JMC, Warszawa (www.jmc.pl), contact via Wella Poland.
Looking forward to working together with you in building some great new Wella websites.
Stefan Lux, Corporate E-Business, Wella AG, Darmstadt, Germany

Thanks to your professionalism and commitment, you have created a very good Domoteka website. Thank you especially for the work at the beginning, when you took most of the effort because of our staffing problems. Our marketing director from Denmark very positively rated the Domoteka website as one of the best.
Krystyna Włodarska, Inter IKEA Center Polska SA


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