PlusLiga - Polish Professional Volleyball League - Android & iOS mobile app

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PlusLiga - Polish Professional Volleyball League


About the project

Siatkarska Liga - the official mobile app of PlusLiga and ORLEN Liga.

Solution details

The application is intended for all volleyball fans. Allows you to track live results in the 'Live!' Section. With the option of audioscore, app will remind us about a match through notifications. Audioscore is real time voice score reading function, for the PlusLiga there is Karol Kłos' voiceover and for the ORLEN Liga Anna Werblinska's voiceover. The convenient interface allows you to navigate through the basic information of each league: matches informations, teams info and the current standings, moreover the 'Tickets' tab allows you to have convenient access to tickets buying and reservation.

Apps are developed natively on both Android and iOS OSes and are available for download for free in Google Play Store and Apple App Store:



X-Code - X-Code
Swift - Swift
Java - Java
Android Studio - Android Studio
jQuery - jQuery

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