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Investment Funds IFM Global


About the project

IFM Global Funds, after starting its operations in Poland, asked us to prepare a website due to our experience in the field of mutual investment funds in Poland. The site contains a large number of media files and interactive widgets for communicating with clients. It was designed for mobile devices, putting great emphasis on UX / UI.


Solution details

The IFM Global Funds Page has been developed in line with our standards in building investment fund websites, combining experience with modern design and responsiveness. Interesting elements of the website are:

  • Home page with embedded video files for potential investors seeking guidance,
  • Stock-exchange module: allowing you to keep track of automatically imported quotations,
  • Documents module: convenient viewing of materials related to each subfund,
  • Distributors module: an interactive search engine for distributors of units of participation.

The site retains full responsiveness and has been very well thought out for UX / UI to make it easier for the user to navigate the page.


My SQL 5 - My SQL 5
CSS 3 - CSS 3
Javascript - Javascript
Bootstrap - Bootstrap
PHP 5 - PHP 5
jQuery - jQuery
Contentia CMS 5 - Contentia CMS 5

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