Information technology, and the business solutions based on it, are present at every level of operation within firms on the modern market. In a knowledge-based economy this goes beyond internal communication, collection and management of information about clients and their needs. A properly designed IT solution can effectively support other business activities, and give even organisationally small companies access to global markets.

The IT solutions designed and implemented by JMC are based upon a careful analysis and research of our clients' needs in the light of the most recent technological achievements. Thanks to this approach the solutions are well-suited to
the task at hand, taking into account the specifics of our customer's market position and ensuring ease of use after implementation.

From the technical perspective, the architecture of the created system is of great importance to us. Picking the appropriate technologies, the correct planning of the system and quality control at each step of the development process ensure that our
systems meet the growing expectations of our clients.

Paying special attention to the systems' architecture is also beneficial in the long run, as a well-scalable architecture allows for easier modification in the future, and helps keep maintenance and development costs low.

The high quality of our IT solutions is based on in-depth knowledge of program engineering, employing the best talents and many years of experience. Moreover, we constantly build and expand our own libraries and programming environment to
prepare them to easily develop robust solutions for our customers to use. We hope that you will find our approach in agreement with your high standards.

JMC has designed and implemented numerous solutions for firms operating in different sectors of the economy. Our experience, knowledge and contacts with the scientific research institutions, both domestically and abroad, allow us to understand emerging trends and new technologies. Hence we can also design our applications taking into account our customers' likely future needs and direction of their business activity.

Our services for your company do not end after our solution's implementation! We offer a broad range of services which will ensure the comfort of using the system smoothly and allow for the further enhancement of the application in concert with any
new needs your company may encounter.


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