Now in the days of the knowledge-based economy, when new products and services appear on the market at an ever-increasing pace, the efficient utilisation of available know-how is essential for the achievement of competitive superiority. Hence to stay on top one must observe the evolution of the business environment and customer demands - and meet the emerging challenges with innovation.

An appropriate combination of knowledge of the economy and management with the newest achievements in the realms of information technology is essential for both large corporations and small and medium size businesses. Hence the main goal of our consultants is to define an effective IT strategy and fully utilise the available technological and managerial opportunities to allow efficient management of our client company, its departments and subsidiaries.

We begin our consultancy projects by evaluating the business environment and internal processes relevant to the needs of our customer. We subsequently devise specialised solutions to improve organisational management, support the decision-making process, marketing and sales activities, and to enhance internal communication.

Our range of consultancy experience includes projects in areas such as:

• development of strategies of the company's Internet presence,
• development of concepts of corporate portals and specialized websites,
• knowledge management,
• customer relationship management CRM
• business analysis and creation of concepts of specialised and dedicated software solutions,
• strategies for the development of e-business.

To strengthen market position of clients we provide them with education and training services taking into account the latest developments in the field of on-line media and information technologies.

We also gladly offer our services to small and medium size enterprises (SMEs).


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