About Us

Our team consist of highly educated professionals with international experience in fields of new technologies and business gained in Finland, Sweden and the USA.

  • 1996 – JMC was established
  • Over 800 internet solutions
  • 200 multimedia presentations and games
  • 100 consultancy projects


What is our offer for every Client?

  • Reliability, safety and comfort when working with us.
  • Understanding, commitment and support wherever and whenever it is needed.
  • Competence, professionalism, diligence, passion.
  • Exceeding Client's expectations on every field.
  • Quality, creativity, innovation and the latest innovations through continuous contact with global science.

As a result we create reliable, innovative solutions which have their impact on our Clients successes.


How we work with our Clients

We respect both your time and money, so we engage all of our knowledge and experience in every project. To reach the best results we work in SCRUM methodology. Client receives a guarantee of quality on-time code. The technical after-project documentation allows further developments of the product in the future.

Legal form:
Dr. Eng. MBA Janusz Marszalec
Śniadeckich St. 12/16 apt. 39, 00-656 Warsaw
Main office address:
Noakowskiego St. 12 apt. 7, 00-666 Warsaw
Registered in:
Warsaw District Court
XII Department
Share capital:
80 000,00 PLN

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